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The subconscious is not a matter of location but of organization.

Outside of sleep and dreaming, the subconcious mind has important work to do. Modern culture has a highly rationalistic belief system that tends to downgrade the subconscious. We like to think we are in control, that our conscious minds have all of the answers, and that we are pretty well aware of our subconscious motives and beliefs. However, the conscious mind is actually very limited and unaware of subconscious processes. In fact, conscious efforts frequently get in the way of subconscious processes, and people often have problems because the conscious mind is trying to solve a problem that the subconscious can solve better. The subconscious is smarter than the conscious mind, and often has a much better solution to the problem than the patient or the hypnotist. In certain states of hypnosis and meditation, the patient gains greater access to subconscious resources.

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The conscious and subconscious processes may influence each other, but they are independent. Consider how sometimes when you are trying to remember something unsuccessfully it comes to you spontaneously after you stop trying. The fact that the subconscious search for the information continues after the conscious mind has moved on demonstrates that the conscious mind and the subconscious can be involved in two independent tasks.
We often hear about the positive physical effects of hypnosis and meditation, but these are not the most important reasons to use hypnosis, self-hypnosis, or meditation. Hypnotic trance offers the opportunity for the subconscious to develop what is authentic to the individual, free from the usual limitations and interference of the conscious mind. The role of the hypnotist is not only to induce trance and deliver suggestions, but to facilitate the expression of the people subconscious processes. Hypnosis is more than restorative relaxation or a state of increased suggestibility. Ideally, hypnosis facilitates the valuable work of the subconscious.
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  1. Awesome blog dear… There’s absolute clarity in ur writing. And of course, ICHARS and Nitin , I too agree , are the best sources for learning Hypnotherapy

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